Saturday, March 17, 2012

Houston: the food and other important stuff

Next to friends and family, my favorite part of Houston is the food.
I talk about it all the time...obsess about it is more like it.
Seriously, two months before the trip I was strategizing my list of restaurants and meals that would most certainly have no part of Weight Watchers.

And here is the list of our stops!

Tommy Bahamas - obsessed with Bungalow salad, bread & butter, and tortilla soup
Brix wine bar - new obsession is their santa fe chicken salad
Carrabas - a throw back to the good ol days!!!  Andy and I still argue over who introduced who to this place......and I still stand firm that it was me.
Oh my goodness, just seeing this picture makes me hungry.

Carrabas pizza is ridiculous.  I used to think it was the best.
Until I met Grimaldi's.  Andy and I have been talking about this pizza for months. 
We met a bunch of our friends there on Saturday night....and I have no pictures....too busy eating!

Red Fish - ridiculous seafood and sushi...thanks mom & dad!

Rummels on the Green

lots and lots of Chick Fil A

and last but definitely not least.....LUPE TORTILLA.

Addison was cramming the tortillas into her mouth and ate her whole quesadilla....this is the girl that eats like a bird......though not at Lupe.

I just wanted to take a bath in the queso.
California??  You must acquaint yourself with queso.
I have been in withdrawal.
But it's the memory of Lupe Tortillas beef fajitas that is making my mouth water now.
That stuff is crack.
I must make my copycat recipe again soon.

Not on the list that I'm still trying to get over was Black Walnut and ....CHUYS.
How on earth did we not get to Chuys?
Creamy Jalapeno dip....

Other spots we had to stop by....
Market my fill of Maggie's candles!

Addison found her own store...

Random picture of Kat and sweet Merrick at Lupe....
Another spot that we frequented three times was Bouncing Bears!
The kids were able to bounce off some energy despite the rain.
Dad even joined us one day.

And then we made it down "south" to Pearland to visit with "GG"
and see Aunt Karen & Uncle Rob.
Addison did great and loved playing with GG's "vintage toys".
Graham finally racked out for a nap while we all watched Aunt Sarah's two hour wedding video.
Yes Sarah.....we watched the whole thing.  Grandma couldn't believe I had never seen it before.
Now I have....and so has Addison!
We love getting to see GG and Karen & Rob though.....wish it could happen more often.

Houston Homecoming 2012 was a great success!
Now I'm already counting down to Houston girls weekend in the fall....sans kiddos and hubbie.
Chuys will certainly not be missed then.

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Sarah Hart said...

yikes! i don't think i've even watched the whole thing. you're officially indoctrinated, now - congrats!