Thursday, March 15, 2012 we go!

 We just got back Tuesday night from a great 9 day trip to Houston.  It's always fun to get to take the kids back, let Nana & Poppy babysit, see friends, and eat a lot of great food.  We have only been getting to take the kids back once a year (because buying 4 plane tickets is not so cheap) we try to make the most of our time there and extend/cram in as much as possible.

 I have to say, since traveling last year with them (and holding Graham on my lap for the 3 1/2 hour flight), traveling has gotten about 100 times easier....thanks in part to Apple and the DVD player.
This is how they spent much of their time.            
 I actually got to read 2 magazines...amazing.

The kids adjusted quickly (too quickly) to the time change and were up bright and early the first morning.  They got to spend lots of good time with Poppy & Nana.

 And Graham also introduced Poppy to one of Apple's "gifts" to parents of young children.
 There was lots of reading time with Nana and lots of "show" watching thanks to the 7 days straight of rain we had while we were there.
The weather sure wasn't doing much for the "move back to Houston" campaign.

 The one day it DIDN'T rain, Nana took the kids down to feed the ducks.
Graham loved it.

 Then we took the kids up to my mom's old school.  She was principal there for over ten years when she retired a few years back (the year she became a Nana).
They surprised her with the honor this year of naming the library after her.
Addison was excited to meet everyone but I think she thought it was cooler that her picture was up on the wall.

 Much much more to come....

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