Friday, March 16, 2012

Houston: Meeting the babies!

One of THE hardest parts about not being in Houston is not being around for the births of my closest friends' babies.  I got a text on November 27 that my best friend was giving birth to her TWO boys.  I have been going crazy for 3 months not getting to see and love on Cash & Walker.
I cannot tell you how happy it made me to finally lay eyes on them and hold them......not to mention just getting to catch up with Mark & Jacqueline.  It was heaven.  And so was Mark's cooking....that never gets old.

Can you believe that Cash was born at 33 weeks 3 months ago?

 I would say that this cutie has definitely caught up in growth!
Cash is a total mini Mark and Walker definitely looks more like Jacqueline.  They are so precious!

    Everytime I see these pictures, I can't help laughing because I feel like I'm looking at pictures of baby Mark Donat.  I mean, he's even got the same expressions~ it kills me!

 and Walker is just super sweet.
love getting to hug on these two!!
 and then cute little Davis!!!  Last time I saw this pumpkin, he was just 6 weeks old!  He is the happiest, sweetest love.....Sheila is so blessed!
 and then my sweet friend Kat just had her TWO little boys late January.  They actually had just come home from the NICU the week before we got to Houston!  I loved getting to hold precious Merrick & Taylor.  Let me say it again, I DETEST not being around to do this all the time!!

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