Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I feel behind in everything right now.  Behind in blogging, behind in cleaning my house, photos, playing with my kids, catching up on my DVR, reading my devotional, keeping up with emails, getting ready for Addison's birthday, behind in taking a nap or even reading my US weekly.  

Why is there never enough time in the day?

My mom emailed me yesterday and asked me if everything was ok because she hadn't seen a blog in two weeks. 

So here we go...here are some pictures from 2 weeks ago.

Graham is starting to hold his own with Addison.  They wrestle, entertain, laugh, scream, fight, and love on each other all day long.  I've been guilty of letting them do their thing while I try catch up on life a little too much lately.  All I got to say is the 19 month age difference is definitely paying off.
The first year might have been excruciating at times, but I'm loving it now.

 Addison has a newfound love for the camera, but if you tell her to "look cute" this is what you get.
 and then she laughs at herself, and I get a good one.
 Nana and Poppy were in town a few weeks ago and we got some good play time in.
Nana wanted some pictures....
 but not everything went according to plan.

 My parents were cooperative though.

 And we kinda got one of all 4....you take what you can get.


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