Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 Just getting around to putting up Easter pics.  The Easter bunny did show up, but I got no pictures.
One reason I got no picture of the cute basket is because Graham tore into it in about two seconds flat.
His candy was almost gone before church.

We came back from church and tried to get a few pictures.
contrived, but cute.
 This one cracks me up because Graham is only focused on the car....such as life these days..

 The Easter bunny came during naptime....that sneaky guy....and hid some eggs just in time for our friends to come hunt with us.
We called it the orphan Easter.....and had a few friends over whose families are also out of state.
We had so much fun hanging out, letting the kids play and then ate a fabulous dinner together....again, very little pictures to document.

Here are a few of the egg hunt....
That bunny even hid eggs up in the waterfall and must not have thought things through so well....

 so the kids sent Andy to go get it.
 Right after the kids meal, we put a show on and all was well for 15 minutes of adult conversation and food.  Take note that Addison is trying to make a move on Logan.

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