Sunday, April 8, 2012

A hip, hip to the hip-pity hop, you don't stop

I said I was catching up, not caught up....
so here is the first of many egg hunts of this past week.

We tried to get some shots before we left the house, but you know how that goes.

Ok, guys!  Smile, look at the camera...think jelly beans!!!
That got Graham for about two seconds.
Seriously, that was it.
Addison hammed it up for a bit longer.
The girl appreciates some jelly beans...and attention.

Ok, big spontaneous....authentic sibling affection...go!

And then...
You really aren't giving me jelly beans for this are you?
I'm so over it....

We did go to a "little" egg hunt my friend, Annie puts on every year.
We missed it last year because we were in Houston so I really thought it would be like a slightly bigger group than our normal Monday playgroup.

This girl went all out and it was so much fun, not to mention perfect weather.

 Annie, Roger, the Easter Bunny, and Ryder, Isaac, and Asher.

And then the hunt was on.
 Graham was a little slow on the uptake, which surprised me for a boy who picks up and eats a goldfish off the car floor after two months.
I think next year he'll have a whole new appreciation for those eggs.

 Roger/Stew posed with every single kid.
Read....every kid but Graham who wanted nothing to do with him.
But Roger/Stew was smooth.
He snuck up behind Graham who was eating something...surprise, surprise....and got his photo op.
One way or another....

 How cute are they??
 Addison had so much fun seeing all of her friends in one place.
She has really come into her own socially in the last few months.

This is the girl who I always "worried" about.....
would ask the doctor if she was progressing normally interaction wise for years....
Thankfully, and to my heart's delight...
she loves nothing more than spending time with friends now and loves "all of my friends the same mommy.  I love all all of them!"

 I heart this girl.

  And by the way...this girl will be FOUR tomorrow. 
Birthday post to come in about a week or so the way things are going lately.

More weekend fun to come....


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The Montgomerys said...

you are so fun! loved the pictures, especially the ones of stew sneaking up behind graham! ha! it's always fun to plan events for friends that appreciate the little things- LOVE that about you!