Thursday, April 26, 2012

The four year old said it was ok

One of Addison's birthday presents from her friends was a kids manicure/pedicure (thanks Dasso's!)
I thought this was an exceptionally great gift because she of course would need a chaperone who would also need a mani/pedi if nothing else, for moral support.

We took a couple pics before heading off a on a girls date.
 Little brother was a little jealous.
 When we got there, it kind of irritatingly surprised me that they sat her a good distance away from me.
This was supposed to be bonding experience!  I should have said something right away, but didn't and so we continued on.

 I kept checking in on her with my eyes, saying.."you're ok?"

 She started to settle in quite well....
 I noticed that her and her girl were talking....or her girl was talking and Addison was nodding and listening....honestly, probably not understanding much.
 But Addison seemed to be doing QUITE well.
 When it was all over, I went to pay and handed her girl the gift certificate.
She shook her head and said, "no. She five dollars more."

"Why? It's a kids mani/pedi."

"Yes, but she have flower design.
I ask her.  She say it's ok."

"Of course, she did.
She's FOUR", I replied.


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