Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beach party

I am finally caught up on my photo sessions and can now get back to the blog world.
We have had a lot going on over here.  Addison turned 4 a week ago and her birthday post will eventually find it's way onto the blog.

For now, here are a few pics of an amazing birthday party we went to before Easter (yes, I'm way behind).  It was on the beach and perfect.  We were there to celebrate Abby & Samantha turning 2 & 5....and I'm now realizing I don't have any pics of the actual birthday festivities....or the birthday girls for crying out loud!  Just know that every last detail was amazing.  (They even had Chick Fil A.....a way to any Parsons' heart).

A day at the beach reminded me how excited I am for summer and appreciative that because of where we live I can actually enjoy that season!

 Yeah, bring on summer!


Sarah Hart said...

God, that pic of all 3 of them from the back. You think they're related?? Hahaha. Love you guys.

Emily Joy said...

Looks like a fun day :)