Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Under the Sea

Addison asked that her birthday be an Ariel themed one over 6 months ago.
Thanks to Pinterest I was able to make that happen without too much creative thinking on my own part.
Speaking of lack creative thinking....we did EXACTLY what we did for Graham's party and had it at a local park and got a bounce house.

It was in April, and knowing where we live, I didn't think weather would be a factor.

Well, how silly of me.

The night before I was cursing Ursula's fury as she cast her spell of thunderstorms, rain, and hail over Carlsbad.  Oh, and wind.  There was definitely plenty of wind.
30 mph wind at that.

So forget about all the balloons and other cutesy stuff......we were lucky to get two tablecloths on.
Thanks a lot Ursula.

Andy ran around town gathering the important stuff like donuts, Chick Fil A, and Starbucks while I started setting up in the rain and probably saying a few two many inappropriate words to myself as I did so.
When he arrived with kids in tow, he gently (at first) reminded me that it's a 4 year old birthday party and it really didn't matter.
After a cup of warmish coffee, I took a step back and watched Addison enjoy the whole thing and realized the guy might be right.

But here are some details that kids don't care about anyway....

our cake was pretty much just like Graham's as well with VG maple donuts serving as the Island.
I had asked for "wave" cupcakes, but when the VG chick told me they were $2.99 a piece compared to .99 for blue, I decided that waves just weren't that important.

 The beach bucket favors got stuffed under a table to escape the wind.  Addison actually put these together herself this year.  Gotta make the 4 year old work for her party.

 and no party is complete without a Chick Fil A nugget tray, so there was definitely...
"Chicken of the Sea".

Love this pic of Ryder.
I think I have successfully turned almost all of my friends who had never heard of one of the greatest places on earth into a fan.
Good thing too, because a sign just went up last week 5 minutes away from the house that there will be a Chick Fil A coming SOON!!!!

You know who else appreciates Chicken nuggets?
This guy....

Sweet little Camryn dove into the blue cupcake.
Addison was SOOO excited that so many of her friends from school could make it to her party.

 Check out how bundled up everyone was....cracks me up.
Bring on summer for cryin out loud.

This dude just grabbed a sandwich and made himself at home in the grass.

So after everything, this party was a great success!
And I declared that the next party would most definitely be at Pump it Up where they can just take care of everything.
Addison has already requested that Sleeping Beauty be the theme.


Um.....will definitely rely on Pinterest for that one.

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Sarah Hart said...

Ummm, you are amazing. All that food, did you get up at 5 am? Awesome! (And a little insane. But still awesome.)