Monday, June 30, 2008

As much as we hate it.....

We are needing to find Harley, our two-year-old Pekapoo a new home. I know I mentioned finding Harper a new home a few months back, but after having dog trainers out to the house to work with us, Harper is probably the best fit for our family because he loves kids. Harley is such a great dog....obedient, adorable, loving, totally housebroken, and loves to cuddle. His only downfall is that he is not a fan of children. We would really love to find a home for him, ideally with people that we know so that we could dogsit when needed. It obviously needs to be a home with no small children. If you know of such a home in need of an adorable dog, please let me know. It pains us to see him go, and we want to know he is going to be taken care of.
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Mary said...

killing me! poor harley. we'd take him, but 3 might be a bit overwhelming :)

like the new background! keep it up!

Alicia & Greg said...

I am so sorry you are having to find a home for Harley! I wish Bogart wasn't such a bully, because we would love to have him! Thanks for inspiring my to update my blog with the cool new free site you used. :0)