Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First Babysitter!!

Ok, I have to brag on Sam Cocke, Sheila's husband. I needed a girls' night out and missed my friends from Sunday school badly! They were planning a night out to the melting pot that was calling my name....but poor Andy had a super hard, long day at work and was going to be stuck there until late..very late. So...I didn't even think going with the girls was an option...which was fine. Addison and I would have a girls' night of our own....until Sheila called me Monday afternoon and told me Sam wanted to babysit.

Sam WANTED to babysit. How sweet is that? Sam and Sheila are expecting their first bambino in November and we are all super excited for them. I decided if Sam really wanted to Addison would be good practice, right? He did such an amazing job and when I got home after a wonderful night out with girls, he had her asleep in his arms. Way to go Sam! So much thanks to both you and Sheila. Addison and I were so appreciative.
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Mary said...

aww....he looks like a dad already!! way to go sam! so glad you could come last night. it was great getting to see you again...and you look fabulous!!!