Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend at the Lake

We had such a great weekend at Inks Lake with was nice to know there was life after baby! I don't remember laughing so hard....maybe ever. Addison did great on her first overnight trip away from home and mom and dad got little sleep...but not because of a baby, maybe more because of the Wii...our newest addition. Who knew that thing could be that much fun? It's really sad how sore I am this morning....and even more sad that it's not from something admirable like wake boarding or kite tubing....but from Wii Tennis.

Unfortunately, we were having so much fun that I was terrible about taking pictures. So see Mary Anderle's blog to see what really went on. She's so much better at telling it than I would be anyways. Thank you Matt and Georgia for a great weekend!!


Mary said...

Don't kid yourself...Wii Tennis is VERY admirable!!!! I already miss that thing.

Lacey said...

We love the Wii...I am a big fan of guitar hero. My family all made fun of me but now they are all addicted. I am waiting for my aerosmith to come in the mail...LOL. I'm a big nerd- I know. :0)