Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nana's Retired!

Nana has finally retired! After being in education for 40 years (and a principal for 35 of those years), she is finally hanging it up. We are so excited to spend more time with her. And I am thrilled to have a wonderful babysitter!
Last night we went to celebration dinner at Americas, which just opened up on the Waterway. The food was SOOO good! Addison got to dress up for the special occasion.
Poppy, Nana and Addison
Addison with Mommy and Daddy
The whole crew
The following video must be watched. I mentioned in the last post how we finally purchased a Wii. Well, it's absolutely addictive. I had been telling my mom all about it and trying to explain how it's not a typical video game. She came over for coffee this morning and I just showed her the tennis game that I absolutely love. I let her try and she didn't give the remote back for an entire hour. I'm thinking I know the perfect birthday gift for her come July.


Mary said...

your mother is my new best friend!!!

Callie said...

your mom rocks!! HA! By the way...I am loving that top that oyu have on in the dinner pics...where did you get it? It looks great on you!!

Lacey said...

Yep, we got my inlaws addicted as well. My four year old likes to challenge his 70 year old grandpa at Tiger Woods Golf. We seriously have them over just to play...LOL. Is that tennis from wii sports or another tennis game?

parsonsfamily said...'s just the normal sports one, but now I want the Top Spin game...not to mention Aerosmith Guitar Hero....I'm such a five year old.