Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Best Friends

My best friend, Jacqueline, and her husband Mark (who I both went to high school with) came up to stay for a week at Laguna Beach for their BABYMOON!!!
I am over the moon that they are expecting TWINS in December.
In fact, I'm heading to Houston in just two short weeks to help them celebrate and I cannot wait.

I was giddy to get to drive up with Andy and spend some time with them on Sunday night.
They were staying at Surf & Sand resort. This is the view from their hotel room.

You felt like the waves were going to crash right into their hotel room. I was a tad jealous that they had nothing on the agenda besides relaxing, reading, and eating. That is my idea of paradise.

It was SOOOO great to be just a short drive away from Jacqueline. Andy and I have nothing to complain about living out here, but the hardest thing by FAR as been being so far away from people I care so much about. I hate that I won't be able to be at the hospital and hold these precious babies shortly after they arrive.

I have made wonderful friends here. God has richly blessed me with people who I can relate to so easily, laugh with, and feel like I've known for so long already instead of just a few months.

However, that just isn't the same as being with someone who has experienced the last 15 years of your life with, knows you backwards and forwards, and that you actually HAVE known forever. I just love this girl.

We walked about a block from their hotel and ate here.

The food and view were incredible.

and Andy and I got to experience a little bit of old school, time with friends.....without the kids around. It was NICE.

Today I'm actually heading up north again to Newport Beach with the kids in tow and no Andy to join Mark & Jacqueline at their second stop on their babymoon. I figure they might as well get some practice with two rambunctious kiddos. It's good training for what's to come.

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The Montgomerys said...

old friends are so wonderful! so glad you got some time together:) love the photos!