Thursday, September 15, 2011

Girls Weekend!

About three months ago, I happened upon my old neighbor, Ashley's, blog.
She talked about a fantabulous girls' weekend, and instantly got me thinking.
This we must do.

It's good for the soul to go away with your girlfriends.....sans kids and husband
And I am very thankful that my husband (and my 7 other girlfriends' husbands) were willing to help make it happen.

So last weekend we headed to Palm Desert (outside of Palm Springs)

I can't remember the last time I rode with girlfriends in the car (without car seats)
Me, Paige, Annie

I forget that we pretty much live in the desert. It doesn't really feel like it because the weather is so mild where we are, but we definitely drove through some honest to goodness desert.....and made a pit stop at the outlet malls.

Then we kicked off the weekend at Tommy Bahamas....I heart this place.
Karen, Amanda, Me, Amanda, Annie, Jamie, Paige

Ahi Tacos, yummo

When we got to the house late Friday, we wasted no time throwing our stuff down and getting hard at work being lazy.

Annie stuffed our bags

with lots of fun stuff

and we broke out our new wine glasses, made especially for this occasion by Amanda & Jamie

So Saturday morning, I thought we were all going to sleep in.
That's what you do on vacation, right?
Well, at 9:00am I woke up to seven girls taking my picture....they had already been on a Starbucks run, a real run, and a golf cart drive by 9am.
I'm blessed with sleepers, so waking up at 9am was actually only about an hour later than my usual wake up time.
I was feeling seriously lazy and unproductive.
But it was VACATION.

and then after a little shopping break
we spent the rest of our day here.

Taking Ashley's lead, we split the meals up, so you only had to cook once, and got to vedge out and relax the rest of the time.
I haven't eaten this well in a long time....

Team lunch
Soula & Annie

Amanda popping the champagne for breakfast

more vedge time.
I think I actually read 5 magazines last weekend.
That had to have broken some sort of record for myself.

My fellow dinner teammates
Amanda & Paige

games & dance parties at night

Karen & Annie
I told Andy the best part of this whole trip in my opinion was the gift of eating and carrying on a conversation with girlfriends with no interruption of kids.

and pool time.
Lots of pool time.

And then on Sunday, we finally had to pack it up....

and head home.
Thanks girls for a fabulous weekend!!!

I can't wait to start planning next year....
because this is going to be an annual trip, right?


Lacey said...

So glad you made it happen!!! And looks like it was a GREAT time!!! Did you ever get the shirts made? Love the bags and wine glasses! Girls trips are the BEST!!

The Montgomerys said...

let the planning begin!