Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week with the Rodgers

Last week we were so lucky to have our friends, The Rodgers, in town visiting from Houston.
Ashley and I have been friends since sophomore year at A&M, and I was so happy to get a chance to hang out with her, Ben, and little Presley for four whole days.

We showed them some of our favorite spots in San Diego.

It was a beautiful, clear, day and you could see for miles from the top of Mt. Soledad.

I didn't have Andy with me to help corral the kids for a photo op, so I did my best by asking Addison to hold Graham's hand for a picture.

The following is what I got.....

She takes direction seriously.

The next day we headed to the zoo. We have definitely gotten our money out of that annual pass.

These make me laugh....

haven't quite mastered this concept yet

Thank the Good Lord that Andy got to join us for this afternoon. Having two kids on my own going 90 to nothing all day was wearing me out.

Presley got up close, real close to the hippo

Not pictured is out trip to the beach, because that was .....
a disaster and way too much work.
I am beginning to hate sand as much as my husband.

The next day after our second trip to Pannikin coffee, we headed to the park.

The swell was huge last week.
The surfers were so excited to be taking advantage of these 10-12 foot waves.....apparently caused by a winter storm off the coast of New Zealand (fun fact for the day)

You might remember that Andy tried surfing a couple of weeks ago....when there was not much of any waves. Well, he was bound and determined to continue ....

until he saw this

This was a picture taken last week off the coast in Encinitas (about a 5 minute drive down the beach from Carlsbad)

That's a great white shark people. Swimming right by some unknowing surfers.
After more than 4 shark sightings in the last week on the coast, Andy has said his surfing days are over.

We will be enjoying the view from the safety of dry land, thank you very much.


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