Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Day....Finally!

I feel like pre-school should have started a month ago....
because it pretty much did for everyone else.

However, Addison's first day was Tuesday and I can't tell you how excited we ALL were.

She had started pre-school last year in The Woodlands, but I had to pull her out after only 6 weeks when we moved. She has talked about it ever since, so this girl was MORE than ready.

Monday night the doorbell rang and The Back to School Fairy had come to visit!

That fairy knew Graham would flip a lid if she only visited Addison, so she gave the little guy something too.
I was too busy trying to document Addison running around and pulling out her coloring books and shoes, that I didn't realize until too late that Graham had wasted no time shoving fully wrapped Starbursts into his mouth, chewing, and swallowing them...wrapper and all.

That fairy might benefit from a parenting class.

Tuesday morning we took some first day shots and Addison made sure Graham knew that...
"It's MY first day of school, NOT YOURS, MINE."

My little pre-schooler......only two more years until Kindergarden.....time stop, please.

Addison helped put together a little gift for Miss Amy, her teacher.
I took a gamble and prayed she liked coffee.
Isn't it the universal rule that ALL teachers like coffee?

Addison was a little shy when she first met Miss Amy, but talks about her all the time now.
I'm so excited for her to be at a great school with wonderful teachers.
I'm sure that Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be the highlight of her week.


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Lacey said...

Your post just SCREAMS PINTEREST!! ;0) Love everything!! She is going to love preschool and I am sure you will enjoy the one on one time with your little man!!! Great pictures.