Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wild Animal Park

With our zoo annual pass, we also get access to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. This isn't one of those parks where you drive around in your air conditioned car and take in the wildlife....this is like another zoo with five times the walking space in the middle of the african safari San Diego desert where you almost sweat yourself to death.

Maybe I'm stretching it a tad, but I don't like to sweat and it was hot. Africa hot.

On our way...

The poor guy was so stuffed up he could barely breathe, so we decided not to drop him off in the church nursery, but instead take him to Africa.
Good parenting 101.

I will be first to say that I was acting like a two year old most of the time, complaining about the heat, asking when we could go home, and begging for a snack.
Andy kept threatening to turn around and leave, and I was like, "Yes! Good idea."
See these threats work with the kids, but not with me so much.
However, we had just invested $$$ in parking and Andy wanted to get his entire $7's worth of fun.

Then we happened upon this.

I mean, I'll admit, he was kinda cool.

and huge

And Andy was all....
"See, aren't you glad we didn't leave?"

And I was all grumbly, but not willing to admit the lion may or may not have been worth the $7.


We went down the Gorilla path.

Get ready for absolute preciousness.

Do you see the little baby gorilla?
I almost fell over myself and the little kids trying to get a closer look as well.

So yes, Andy.
We more than got our $7 worth of cool experiences.

Even if it was still Africa hot.

Ahem. 83 degrees.
But it was humid yall.

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The Montgomerys said...

i love the baby monkey!!