Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Want to get away?

This morning we went with some families from our MOPS group to our local airport for a special behind the scenes tour. It was awesome, thank you so much Tami for putting it together!

The kids got to check out the airport fire equipment
This picture was taken about .05 seconds before he Graham realized it wasn't my leg he was holding onto.

Graham was glued to the wheel of the fire truck and taking his pretend role very seriously.

Our next stop on the tour took us to the gate.
Our tour guide told the kids to pretend they were going on a trip with mom and dad....
and this thought alone was enough to give me some anxiety. I think traveling with kids under the age of 4 is #2,324,893 on my list of favorite things to do.

Then we checked out where the luggage gets screened and someone in our group set off a siren with flashing red lights that momentarily stopped the tour.
As I looked around for which kid of mine to blame, I realized that the red button might have gotten pushed by yours truly while trying to capture a picture. Oops.

Next we got to go see an airplane taxi and land.
It was a little loud, but very cool.

Addison was excited. Graham was hungry.

It was such a great 45 minute tour and I think we all enjoyed it.
I even got inside information that Casey Anthony did NOT land at this airport, despite all the media hype.
Good to know. I mean, I wanted to get the most out of my airport tour.

So even though today we just got to pretend we were going on a trip.....

tomorrow I will head to the airport BY MYSELF for a weekend trip home to Houston.
I cannot wait....bring on the Tex-Mex, family, friends, and all the magazines I can read alone on a 3 1/2 hour flight with no toddler to be seen.


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