Sunday, December 30, 2012

My favorite time of year

I can't believe this month has come and gone...the decorations are all put away, Nana & Poppi have returned to Texas, and I am already filling out pages in my 2013 calendar.  2013.  That just looks weird.

Here is our Christmas re-cap, starting with pictures with Santa.

Graham and Addison had their pre-school Christmas program the Thursday before Christmas.
Here is his sweet class.  Where is Graham?  Refusing to be in the picture....or wear a lamb outfit.

But he did get up and sing, and looked pretty adorable doing it.

Addison gave it her all as well...a huge improvement from last year. 
I just love their pre-school...hard to believe Addison only has a few months left and I'm writing Kindergarden registration on the calendar.

Here is a copy of the picture Graham's teacher, Miss Anne, sent home with him....makes me laugh.

Next up, Nana & Poppy's arrival!
The kids were both so excited and were waiting by the door asking all day when they were going to get there.

 That night we were invited to such a great Polar Express reading/gathering for the kids at my friend, Carrie's house.  First the story was read and kids were all in their pajamas.

 Parents sat and listened under the disco ball where the elf dance party was held later.

There was even a photo booth that was so much fun

And then, Santa showed up with bells for each was perfect.

Each child got to meet Santa and receive his/her bell and pictures were taken...including the classic old school polaroids...awesome touch.

Immediately following the party, Addison told us she didn't feel good....perfect timing for Christmas Eve. The poor girl was absolutely miserable all day.  The elves even came to fill her stockings while she was asleep in bed resting with me and everyone else was out looking at lights.

Graham was super excited to see what the elves left him.

My poor girl felt so awful, it didn't even phase her.
 Here is more documentation for just how puny she felt.

 And the classic picture Andy captured on his phone.
Addison looks like...well, awful, and Graham's look says, "You have got to be kidding me."

Graham starting opening his stocking

 And Addison started to come around...wanting to try out her new "lip gloss" and try on new jewelry.
The elves were working better than the medicine.

Then it was time to read the classic bedtime story for Christmas Eve.

And Andy and I captured these right after Santa arrived...we must have just missed him.
Notice the HUGE guitar on the left?  Addison said she must have spelled it wrong on her list because Santa messed up.  He can't get everything right.
He did plenty of good and we were so blessed.


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