Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So let's pretend for a moment that Halloween just happened

My blog is still playing catch up, and this post is mainly for the posterity of the blog book and to prove to my kids when they read said blog book years later that we did actually do some fun things in the months of October and November.

This year Addison decided she wanted to be "Tangled" and Graham took at victory lap as Lightening from CARS.

If we can take a moment to look back and remember last year.....

Yeah, let's give that Ebay find another go.
MUCH better this year.  He loved it.

 And holy cow, when did this girl get so big?
 Can you tell how excited she was?  
 She had told me for months that she wanted flowers and long hair.....we only had so much time to grow hair out, so after a little bit of thought....
that hair extension piece from a college date party came in quite handy.

Graham enjoyed playing bumper cars...

and right about now was the time when my neighbor from across the street (perfectly sweet 80ish year old lady) came outside and locked her gate and turned off her porch light.....clearly saying to me...."your kids may be cute, but take them trick or treating elsewhere"......except she didn't even tell me my kids were cute!  

Nevertheless, we definitely went to the Dassos neighborhood to trick or treat where the average age was about 39 years less than our neighborhood.


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