Thursday, December 13, 2012

The boy is THREE

My little guy became that just recently...a little GUY.  No longer a baby or even a toddler, but a bona fide little BOY. 

Graham, you are the sweetest little guy a momma could ask for.  You are becoming so independent and learning to hold your own against your sister, but you still love cuddling with me and have the biggest heart.

Here are some things to remember you just the way you are right now:

* you love Thomas, cars, and "datman", not to be confused with Batman because truth be told, I never want you to learn to say it correctly.
* you are doing so great at pre-school, but still grip my hand tightly when we walk in each day
*you want me to give you "everything" before you take a nap, or go to bed...meaning, hug, kiss, squeeze, high five, and knux (which you have to blow up)
*you are already an eating and drinking (milk and juice) machine
*I love your little voice and this is really the thing I'm most worried about you growing up and losing....=)


And now I have a confession.
I was not here for your third birthday.  Technically, I got home at 11pm, so it was in fact still your birthday, but I was in Texas (refer back to the post before this one).
The good thing about this is you got many birthday celebrations out of the mommy guilt I have felt from this.

Dad sent this clip to me which I watched on the plane and cried, because what kind of mom am I for not being there?  Forgive me love.
I do love how your sister kept patting your back through sweet.

Birthday celebration #2 took place the day after when we pretended it was still your birthday and opened presents and went out for Fro-Yo at Golden Spoon.
The next day you celebrated your birthday at school, and then your party was this past weekend.
I told you last week your party was going to be on Saturday and you said, "My birthday again???!!!"
Like I said, mommy guilt paid off for you.

We had your party at Pump it Up and it was perfect.
We just showed up and brought a cake and they handled the rest, which may mean nothing to you, but it was AMAZING.

Parents got some off duty time and the kids jumped until they were totally worn out.

Love this one, way to go dad!

group shot

You asked for a Thomas birthday, so this basically meant I got a Thomas cake and balloon.
Done and done.

We love you little much.
Don't grow up too fast.


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