Friday, December 14, 2012

North Pole Breakfast and other december stuff

A few weeks ago, Neo the Elf arrived and brought breakfast from the North Pole with him.

 This picture cracks me up....they look a little shellshocked.  If anyone should be shellshocked it should be's still dark and they're awake.

 Last weekend we spontaneously decided to go the Balboa Nights at Balboa Park....a huge Christmas festival that I've heard so much about.  As we got closer to the park and saw the crazy traffic leading into the park, we made another spontaneous decision to not go anywhere close to there.

So we went to Coronado Island and walked around the Del.  They have fantastic Christmas decorations that are always so fun to see.

 Each tree has a theme, and Addison and I both thought the beach one was pretty cool

After some hot chocolate, we walked to the beach.
And here is where I insert lots of pictures of my kids for the grandparents.

and one of my favorites...

 Looking forward to another California Christmas....especially since Nana & Poppy arrive in one week!

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