Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things

This has been all over was fun to do, but hard to think of 25 things...I'm boring people!  Also...consider yourself's your turn!

1. I have lived within the same 40 miles in and around Houston all of my life (excluding college), and sometimes wish we could try living someplace else....but am afraid I would miss my family and friends too much.

2. I have a 9 month old daughter named Addison who looks 95% like my husband and 5% me. I love her to pieces.

3. I went to A&M, and bled maroon and white for 4.5 years, but now consider myself quite the 2 % er....especially after the last few football seasons. Yes, I know I"m fair weathered.

4. I taught for 7 years and got my Masters Degree in Educational Administration and now hope I never have to use the Administration part.....and that I can wait more than a few years before stepping back into a classroom again.

5. I DVR The View, Ellen, and Oprah every day and never get a chance to watch any of them

6. I have an addiction to Ebay.

7. Until a month ago, I thought Facebook was for high school kids.

8. I am in love photography and would love to learn more about it....and perhaps, be good at it!

9. I'm afraid of escalators.

10. Terrified of snakes.

11. Having trouble thinking of 25 things...this is hard!

12. Andy and I went out on a date in 2002 and I didn't think he was "my type"...didn't see each other again for another year.

13. I wish it would have worked out between us the first time so I could have met his wonderful mom.

14. Sometimes wish I would have been a real estate agent...maybe I'm watching too many episodes of House Hunters, "My House is Worth What?" and spending too much time on HAR.

15. My parents have been married for 41 years....pretty incredible.

16. Would eat Mexican food almost every night if gaining weight wasn't a side effect.

17. When people ask me what music I like to listen to, I want to sound halfway intelligent, but in all honesty, I really enjoy Britney quite a bit.

18. Check PerezHilton,com and People daily......ask me anything about the latest celebrity gossip, and I"m sure to know.

19. I love watching my husband be a daddy...he's so good at it!!

20. Love to travel...favorite trips so far include Napa, Cabo, and Italy. Still on the list....Hawaii, Africa, and Vegas....nope, never been.

21. I hate writing things like this, but love to read everyone else's list.

22. My daughter laughs at my singing....even if she's crying, that's what makes her every time. I'm that bad.

23. My faith is extremely important to me, but I sometimes have a hard time talking about it.

24. I have 9 boxes of frozen ice pops in the freezer 

25. I was an All-American Mascot in high school. Yes....they actually give out "All-AMerican" awards for that. Cheapens the tile All-American a little bit, don't you think?


Lacey said...

SERIOUSLY... I could just copy and paste 20 of your 25 random things. I have lived here my entire life besides A&M and I AM DEFINITELY a 2% and always have been. I never could stand standing at the football games...just never quite got that! Love Ebay, love watching my husband as a daddy, love mexican food, parents are about to celebrate their 40th anniversary this year...seriously...are we twins separated at birth?? LOL.
Let's get together Monday. Oh and I'll shoot you that email...sorry...

The Manuel Family said...

Totally agree about being addicted to ebay - I'm looking at it right now. And yes, I thought Facebook was for young, single kids...ha!

Katie said...

Liked your list. Now I need to find you on facebook.

Katie Sheedy said...

Loved the list Lebo! Miss you friend!