Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun with cousins and ice cream!

Today we had so much fun because Aunt Sarah, Uncle Mike, and cousins Eloise, Owen and Iris came to visit for the day!  Iris and Addison are only about 2 weeks apart in age so it was really fun to see them start to interact more.

We went to the park, the church playground and of course Ricos.  Addison found out the best part about Ricos is the free ice cream!  I don't know who appreciates this more...the kids or the parents who are at their wits end.  So Andy went against his "no sugar" policy for Addison (what's the fun in that?) and let her try her first ice cream.  She now knows we've been holding out on her.

A few of these pics are random, but I've had fun playing around with my new camera Andy got for me.  So far, I only know how to keep it on the auto "point and shoot", but I can't wait to play with all the features and venture out off of auto.  

Addison and Aunt Sarah

Cousin Iris

Cousin Owen

Addison loves Eloise!

Don't hold back now dad!

Good night...sleep tight.


sarah said...

awwwww - we've got some cuties! love you guys!

Lacey said...

I love that last picture of you with her. So cute. And love that she loves her some ice cream!! :) What kind of camera did you get? Nikon or Canon? Great pics!

parsonsfamily said...

We got the Nikon D80....I was inspired from Hadley's ice cream experience a few months back. =)

Becky Todd said...

Great pictures! Are you loving your new camera??