Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey neighbor

We live on the best street ever.  Since we moved in 4 years ago (can't believe it's already been that long!), we have bonded with and loved spending time with our neighbors.  When we first moved in...nobody had kids and we got together whatever chance we had.  Hurricane Rita parties, birthday parties, christmas parties, power outage parties, Rico's parties.....really, every chance we got.

Now 4 years later, and 5 kids just gets harder.  Last night we got together to celebrate Missy's birthday...won't say which birthday...but it was a special one.  The party had to come to an end a little earlier than they used to, but it was so fun to catch up with everyone.

The Crew...Kemmerlys, Parsons, Oswicks, and Fenners
Carrie and Will were there in spirit.....darn Tampa.
Addison had her first pizza. Pizza and ice cream in one weekend....good times.
Margeaux Kemmerly and Eleanor Oswick
Margeaux and Kurt
Partied out
The Fenners
Just the girls...Missy, Trina, Leslie, Melissa

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Lacey said...

I we not live in the BEST neighborhood ever? Whenever we move I sure will miss this place! I bet it will be hard to find another neighborhood so neighborly with so many friends and kids. Fun times, fun times!