Monday, January 26, 2009

Did Someone Say Cute?

I have a problem.  I have a serious issue with baby girl clothes.  I try to be reasonable about it. Why pay full price when there's Ebay?  I also try to convince Andy that I am being reasonable by shopping on Ebay.  Last night here is how our conversation went.

Andy: Is there a reason that PayPal keeps popping up like several times a week?

Me: Because I'm finding ridiculously cute clothes at a fraction of the price!

Andy: Have you seen your daughter's closet?  It's full of clothes?  She probably has more than half that she hasn't even worn!

Me: (deep breath)...Andy, you do realize that she grows??  The reason that she hasn't worn half that stuff is that it's 12-18 months, and Addison is only in 6-12 now....but I'm always looking for good deals for the next season...(or 3 seasons after that).

Andy: No, I'm talking about the 6-12 month clothes.  I haven't seen her in half of them.  Look, I'll show you.

Me: I Quickly follow because I KNOW she has worn everything in that closet.  Doesn't he know that I change her outfit like 3 times a day (sometimes for necessity, sometimes for fun)

Sure enough, my point was proven.  He went through every outfit and finally found only one she had yet to wear.  This of course was so exciting for me.  A new outfit that had almost been forgotten!!

So here it is...a gift from Nana, and she sure looks cute.  

While you enjoy, I'm off to my ebay watch list....


Ashley McWhorter said...

Oh girl...totally understand your obsession! Try doubling that with having two girls? Target is the only way to go when you have two. Just grab the outfit in two different sizes and you are set. I can't imagine what life would be like on Ebay. Pretty sure I won't even go there. HeHe! :)

Oh...and Cash hasn't proven to be any better. He is on the verge of having the same amount as the girls. Oh well!!! :)

Lacey said...

LOL....yep...I am an ebay junkie. I swear between ebay and gymboree I have a major addiction. And Hadley who had a ton of hand me downs...why do I still keep buying for her??? Because I say to myself...she deserves new stuff too...and she has to match her sister. Shopping for my kids is good therapy for me...sad but true.

Alicia and Greg said...

Oh, how you know how much I can sympathize and relate to the need for a closet full of cute clothes and most importantly a good bargain. Shop way my triple gold star Ebay shopping friend! :0)