Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Jerry/Dad/Poppy!

My dad is 65 today!  We celebrated his birthday last night and I brought up the point that now he can start to collect on all of those "senior citizen" discounts and privileges.  He informed me that he has already been able to get coffee at McDonalds at the price of 27 cents for 10 years now.  (I guess McDonalds gives out their perks early).  But here are some other things that I'm sure he will be anxious to take advantage of.

The age of 65 qualifies you for:
  • Golden Age Pass to National Parks and
  • Historic Sites ($10.00 Lifetime Permit)
  • Hearing Aid Assistance
  • Reduced Fishing License
  • Free Clam & Oyster Digging License
  • 10% discount at Jiffy Lube
  • $5.00 seats at Yankee baseball games (should he find himself in NYC) *seating is limited
He does get some "real" benefits such as social security and property tax breaks, but I thought he would be most excited about the first ones on the list.

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