Tuesday, April 5, 2011

16 Months

Graham, you're getting so big.
I'm serious, you're huge.
I haven't weighed you, but I think you're about "way too heavy to lug around" and a half pounds.

You are in size 18-24 month, sometimes 2T clothes.
You follow your sister most places.
She doesn't seem to mind.
In fact, in the morning, the first thing she does is run into your room and say, "Good morning Gramsies!"
You are still so happy most of the time.
You have however started screaming when you want something and throwing food....not two of your most endearing qualities.
You mainly throw food to Harley, because he is pretty much your favorite thing right now.
This isn't Harley.

But you have an obsession with all dogs right now.

You are down to one nap a day right now, except when we throw naps out the window and force you to be outside at Disney for 12 hours straight....post to follow.

You love your momma, but are becoming better at separating.
You walked into the gym all by yourself the other day.

Speaking of walking....you are on the move everywhere now.

You love to build and knock down towers and have a new obsession with Duplo blocks.... definitely all boy.

Oh little bubba. I am so in trouble.


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