Monday, April 11, 2011

Green Thumb

Do you see how hard I've been working in the yard this season?
I lie. These pictures are at the request of my husband because he would happy as a clam to sit outside and enjoy our backyard 24/7.
We have had nothing to do with it.
The previous owners did an amazing job and had such an eye of where to landscape everything.
It seems like every day a new color is blooming.
But we do nothing but enjoy it. Because if it was up to us, there would be no this.
When we bought this house, we knew that lawn care had to go as a non-negotiable into the budget. It's probably the best money we spend each month.

The only two things I'm responsible for in our backyard are our herbs and the fish.
And I'm terrible at each of those.
Here is my pathetic basil.

It's a good thing the rest of the yard doesn't have to depend on me.

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