Friday, April 8, 2011

I can't make this stuff up

When I walked in Addison's room to wake her up from nap for swim lessons......(there are so many words used together in that sentence that I detest)

I found her like this.

I mean, for real...

oh, and I have to interject that the girl has been potty trained for many months but momma has been way to lazy to find a spot for the changing pad and wipes.....just sayin'.

Oh, but such a cute little stinker.....who's going to be 3 tomorrow...I can't believe it!

And this guy...

Was up to no good

has already taken a dip in the up, spa.



sarah said...

oh. my. GOD! so funny. love those pics!

Lacey said...

She looks so comfortable in there!! So funny!

Katie said...

That's really cute. Funny. And Lucy sucks those two fingers too! Just on the other hand. ;)