Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Houston, we have a problem." Part 3

Yall, I warned you we fit a lot into this trip.

But by Tuesday, we had a little problem.

Really? April. 98 degrees. No joke.
I know that's not even normal for Houston, but I was dripping with sweat by 9am and that's just not cool. Of course it's not cool, it's HOT!!!

So we spent much of our day inside visiting more friends, which was just dandy with us.

We stopped in the Heights to visit Ashely and sweet Presley.
Ashley had her hands full with these two.

Then Callie stopped by. Callie and I have known each other for 20 years!!! That makes me feel so old, but she is such a sweet, special friend.

Ashley and I have been close friends since college and I love that we can go months without seeing each other and it's like nothing has changed.
Well, a few things have changed....
Callie is a pro about this whole parenting thing.
Seriously, she is about to have #4! She's amazing.

We packed up the car and headed back north to The Woodlands to catch up with friends again in the afternoon.
We had borrowed my mom's car, which I was so grateful for, but it's always different when you're driving a car that you're not as used to.
Made me miss my mini-van ....my 16 year old self just threw up a little bit.

There was a ton of construction in The Heights. The roads were narrow and the kids were loud.
I swerved sharply to nearly avoid one of those orange construction barrels.
I might have yelled out, "Holy $*#&!"
Sorry, it happens.

Well, my parrot in the backseat of course yells,
"Holy $*#&!"........followed by ...."I'm ok!!!" Mom! Are you ok?"

Then the parrot fell asleep.

As did he.

Tuesday night we stopped by this little place

which actually gave Sprinkles a run for their money.
Oh my goodness, I want one right now.

And then we ordered Grimaldi's pizza and had some friends over to the Cocke's for some Texas backyard fun.

Graham was all about the water table.

Graham was all up on the water table.

Eating pizza in our underwear....don't mind if we do.

We being the kids, in case you were wondering.

The next 30 minutes because my absolute favorite time in Houston.

The JOY on these kids faces was priceless.

I mean....

total GLEE.

who needs a swim diaper?

Made me remember how much fun I had when I was little putting a little hose on a wall on our driveway so that I could run through it to escape the heat.....

it doesn't take much.
We all agreed this slip n slide was the best $5 purchase Sheila ever made.

I'm gonna eat him up....

Er...maybe that swim diaper would have been a good idea!

I'm just now about halfway through the pictures of Houston.....


Honeyman 4 said...


Lacey said...

I am sure Kat had a little to do with Gigi's. :) I have created a monster in that girl with Gigi's. She may be just as bad as me!! Love the pictures. Love the full diapers!! Too cute!

The Montgomerys said...

as good as sprinkles??? that's amazing!

Callie said...

20 years?!?!? Wow! We are old! It was so good to see you, but bittersweet b/c it made me realize how much I miss you!!!!!!