Monday, April 25, 2011

Houston: Part 2

After we adults recovered from the festivities the night before, we decided to make it about the kids again. Time for Egg Hunt #1.
We met up with our old sunday school class who we miss greatly and enjoyed a HOT day at the park. Look, I will admit I have become a wimp.
I miss a lot about Houston.
Heat & Humidity is definitely not on the list.

The kids didn't seem to mind though.

Macie & Lexi were ready to go!

As were my own. This would be the only picture I have of Graham not throwing a fit.
Apparently, he was not a fan of the humidity as well.

And so it begins.

And he's done.

Addison & Beckett hugged each other all the time....prompted or not.
These two would be part of an arranged marriage had we lived in India.....and believed in that king of thing.
But we don't, so we can only hope.

Beckett's mom, Sheila is my kids' second mom.
She is forever picking one of them up anytime they need it and we all LOVE her for it.
She just wants to get in the practice for her #2 due in September....I am so excited for her, I cannot stand it!
You know what I really can't stand?
That I'm not going to be there for it!

Orchestrated Easter shot #1

Orchestrated Easter Shot #2.

Ok, too good, not to include.
These kinds of shots are even better than the ones that do turn out....which we had none of.

C'mon Addison, put your arm around your brother.....

Easter 2011 card

We decided Graham could use some cheering up, so we headed to Chuy's.
Can we just take a moment......

to remember, how AMAZINGLY AWESOME the queso and creamy jalapeno tasted.
Thank you Chuy's. Tex-Mex reigns supreme.
There are no words.

On to Pearland.....(that's south Houston yall)
They are considered within the same city, but nearly an hour & a half away.

But worth it to see famly!!
Addison and her great-grandma, GG.
Enjoying some couch time watching basketball, of course.

Dinner with Uncle Rob & Aunt Karen, GG, and the Harts.

So sweet

Then we continued down the road (after taking a 45 minute detour because "I know where I am going" by Andy) to Sarah & Mike's house. It was so fun for all the cousins to be together again!

I will just take a moment to say that this guy is giving me a run for my money right now.
It's true. Boys are different than girls.
He's into everything, on everything, under everything,
but I love him to pieces!!!

I would also like to take a moment to give props to Apple for creating the best babysitter in a pinch.

We played all day Monday and grilled out that night.
Correction: Mike grilled out.
Under the absolutely amazing pergola that he BUILT BY HAND himself.

And it was delicious.

Then the kids kept each other occupied while the adults tried to decompress from the day.

This would be the time when in OTHER families the wife asks the husband to take the kids up for a bath because she is so exhausted from dealing with them all day but the husband who is also so exhausted from working all day can think of a million other things he would rather be doing and then the three year old throws a fit because she doesn't want to go in bed and the mom goes upstairs to try to alleviate the situation but then argues with the husband about whether or not she is coddling the three year old and they end up fighting rather loudly in front of their own family, which would be truly embarrassing.

So you know, I'm glad that only happens in OTHER familes.


Lacey said...

Oh you make me laugh!! Love all the pics and commentary.

Katie said...

Oh, Chuys.

Cute pics. Glad y'all had fun on your visit.

Emily Joy said...

Looks like a GREAT trip! Thanks for sharing and making me laugh :)

The Montgomerys said...

you are a riot! love the OTHER families.