Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update on Swim Lessons

Dear Mr. John,

Were you surprised to see us back at swim lessons last week? I was. I still am. Would you be surprised to hear that Addison told me today that she had fun at swim lessons? I sure as heck am. Because here is a picture from swim lessons.

I don't understand your strategies sometimes.
There are times when I don't really like you.
And while we're on that topic, can I tell you what I really don't like?
I don't like that you make sure to tell my husband that my kid is the only one who still screams and cries throughout the lesson.

I don't like that you tell me I need to "reign" in her spirited attitude and use it for good.
Can you come to my house? Can you go to Disneyland with us and show me what to do when she screams and throws herself out of the stroller running away from us because we took her off a ride? Because there was no water to dunk her in then.

But thank you for being sure to tell me that it would serve her well in life. That made me feel a little bit better.

You are teaching my child to swim, slowly but surely.
We may not be joining swim team in the next year, but she can make it to the wall from the middle of the pool now.....mostly out of desperation to get away from you.
When I asked about your guarantee to make her swim by the end of the 10 days....because I am not convinced that she will "graduate" on time, you told me that in the swimming area she will be fine, but you made no guarantees about attitude.
Thank you for offering extra lessons in attitude free of charge.
Oh yes. You did.

Thank you that when my husband came to watch swimming on Friday, you went ahead and gave him a few zingers as well. Wouldn't want him to feel left out.
Made sure he knew that your kid never had you wrapped around your finger.
He appreciated that.

I'm not giving up on you yet though.

Because she's 50 50 for making it to the side of the pool now, and I kind of need to see this one through.
That, and I've paid you already.
So your little guarantee is about to get tested.
You've taught 2500 other kids to swim and my kid most likely won't be the exception, right?
We've got 3 more days.

Addison and I are going to take a deep breath.
and see this through to the end.

I think I may take you up on those additional lessons in attitude too.
See you next week.
Why not?
I can use all the help I can get.

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