Monday, April 25, 2011

Houston: Part 1

We got back from a 10 day trip "home" to Houston late Saturday night. It was absolutely fabulous and SO great to see friends and family. We fit more into 10 days than I ever thought possible, so I'll have to break it up into several posts.

When we booked this trip months ago, we were able to use miles and decided to forgo a seat for Graham. Gotta get the free ticket while you still can, right?
We bought rounds of drinks for those who were sitting around us.
No we didn't, but we probably should have.

When we landed at 11pm in Texas (another stellar move on our part in the ticket buying dept.),
Addison was going through the airport double fist pumping saying, "Yea!!! Texas!!" over and over again. It was good to be back.

The first Friday we were there, Nana had all sorts of fun activities scheduled for her grandkids.
She had gotten live worms and a brand new pink fishing pole for Addison so that they could go fish out at the pond behind the house.

They were back 5 minutes later (I had wisely decided I was not up for fishing).
I asked, "Were the fish biting?"
"Not in the 45 seconds she was willing to stand there.", she replied.

Activity #2
Feeding the Ducks

this one was more of a success

Graham liked the ducks.

But he liked the bread more.

He would race the ducks for stale bread that was being thrown at them.
You would have thought I never feed this child.

Then he enjoyed some time with Poppy while we got ready to pack up and go to the Cocke's house.

Oh, it was SOOO good to see them!!! Graham loved getting to eat at the Big Boy table with Beckett.

The main reason we went back to Houston was to see one of my closest friends, Becky, get married. Without going into details, this wedding was one of most precious things I have ever witnessed.

Andy and I have known Becky and her family for almost 8 years. Three years ago, she went through an incredibly hard time that devastated not only her but those of us close to her. I have been so inspired to watch her be not only an incredible mom to her two precious boys, but also just grow and become such a secure, happy, and beautiful (she was always beautiful) person. Her faith has strengthened all of us around her and allowed her to be ready when God placed such an honorable, loving, and just plain awesome man into her and her boys' lives.

So you can see why this was not an ordinary wedding.

This was a celebration of a family and what God had provided for them.

I loved this bookshelf that was on display at the rehearsal dinner.

It's hard to get an appreciation from this picture, but it held so many symbols of this new family. There were so many cute pictures of Cory and the boys, grandparents, and symbols of what this wedding was bringing together. Look at the 4 pairs of shoes on the bottom shelf!! So precious.

It was held at a park that was just beautiful and of course, the kids were part of the celebration. Addison and Graham had so much fun running around and playing with kids they hadn't seen in 6 months.

And we had fun doing the same.....and eating.

Saturday, two of my close friends, Sheila & Kat, and I went to eat lunch at Black Walnut.
That way I could scratch Sante Fe salad off my list of "must have meals" before I leave the state.

Then we were off to pedicures!

Before we headed to the wedding ceremony for Becky & Cory.
There wasn't a dry eye in that chapel.
All happy tears of course.
Andy said he's cried 3 times in his life.

1. When his mom died
2. When Oklahoma State lost in the Final 4
3. When Becky, Cory, and her two boys said the blessing together at the reception.

I'll forgive him that our own wedding, nor the birth of our children apparently made the list.

Then it was time to celebrate!!!

Can I tell you how much fun that night was?
No, not really. Because I really can't put into words how INCREDIBLY AWESOME it was to have a night kid free, with all of your best friends together in one room celebrating.

Becky, me, Jacqueline, Sheila

Cue the music....
so happy, together.......

The reception was incredible. Becky did an unbelievable job.
Just add party planner to her resume.
We had Kirby's Steakhouse all to ourselves and the best food, music, decor.......

It's just really too bad, there were no drinks being served.

I kid.

The pic didn't turn out, but I wanted to get one of Becky beginning her toast.

This is about as good as date night gets.

Much, much more to come.....


Lacey said...

Becky's Wedding does look BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the bookshelf! I am so glad I got to see you while you were here. And Love that I get to keep up with you on here!!

Rebecca said...

I have to admit that I have been blog stalking you because I knew you were one of the few who took pictures that night! Andy's quotes is one of my favorites from the night. I was so honored that the two of you were there. You are both dear friends to me and the night would not have been complete without you there. I miss you both so much! Hugs! :)

The Montgomerys said...

love the bookshelf! what a sweet wedding!
now i need to read houston:part 2