Sunday, May 1, 2011


I realize I'm just now getting Easter pictures up. Like the real Easter egg hunt pictures that took place on Easter Sunday, not the bagillion dry runs from the week before. We had gotten home LATE Saturday night....around 2am Houston time (those were fun plane rides, let me tell you), so it was a wonder that we even made it up for church on Sunday.

But we did and it was a beautiful service. We came home and put the kids down for a long overdue nap and the Easter bunny got to work. The Easter bunny had to put up a fight though. Because there was the Easter bunny scrooge to deal with. Andy thought the kids had had plenty of egg hunts all ready and couldn't we just call it a day?"

After the Easter bunny gave scrooge quite a tongue lashing and picked her jaw off the floor at the audacity that such a comment could be made, the Easter bunny made scrooge personally hide all the eggs out in the backyard himself to learn his lesson. And then it rained for the first time in a month.

When Addison and Graham finally woke up from a marathon of a nap making the switch from Houston to San Diego time, they were thrilled to find their baskets and get to work in the yard.

I think I've finally got this thing down.

Girl on a mission

I love how this picture totally captures both of their personalities.

So after collecting all of the eggs, I let them tend to the other goodies in their basket from the Easter Bunny while I slyly collected all eggs to be used for bribery at a later date. I'm sneaky like that.

Well, Addison has been getting up around 7:30 on the weekends while Graham has been sleeping his sweet self until around 9:30 most days. Andy and I are trying to get Addison into the habit of going downstairs and playing on her own so mom and dad can get some extra shut eye.

Yesterday, we put this into practice and she did great. She was quietly playing for over an hour before I finally crawled out of bed to go get my first cup of coffee for the morning.

I go downstairs to find that she has opened 36 Easter eggs, emptied them, eaten the goodies, and then thoughtfully organized them by color.

I asked her if she had eaten all of the eggs, and she point blank said, "Yes.". "And I've decided that the fruit loops are my favorite."

Focus on the positive. The kid is honest.


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