Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fool proof formula

Let me give you a fool-proof formula for a fantastic girls night.

*No kids
*too many calories to count....
but calories don't count on girls nights anyways, right?
*best Sangria ever

and this.....

The last few 6 months or so have been full of changes and adjustments, but I can now honestly say that I am so so happy here.
So much of that has to do not with the beautiful weather, scenery, etc. but the WONDERFUL girlfriends I have made.

Good friends don't come easy. You know the ones where you can be 100% yourself with, good and bad,
laugh with,
share joys and challenges,
and just be...well, REAL.

To say I have been blessed by that is a complete understatement.
Two of these girls helped throw together a GREAT girls night/ Bachelorette viewing party...
complete with full on ballots.

Thank you so much Amanda for hosting!

It took every ounce of willpower to not get on Reality Steve this time around.

well....at least until my ballot was cast.

These two girls are part of our Monday playgroup.
Monday playgroup = Happy time.

Jaime & Karen

Annie & Soula

pondering the ballot....

How could you not laugh at some of these lines the guys had?

One of the better ones....

"If you can't take the heat, get out of the oven."

These two girls are just so amazing.
I met Annie at a random park about 3 months ago.
I feel like I've known her for at least 3 years.
She has grown up in this area and knows more people than...well...anyone else I know.
When I was back in Houston, I remember being introduced to new people and being polite but thinking....I don't have time to make new acquaintances...I have enough friends....right?

Annie has such a heart and a gift for connecting people and showing love to everyone.
This experience of moving has given me such an appreciation for what it's like to start out knowing no one and such a thankful heart for people like Annie.

I love you friend!

So here are my three pics....

#3 Ben. The wine guy. As I said last night..."put a ring on it already...the guy owns a winery."
#2 William. Cutie pie. But cell phone salesman at 30. This is questionable.
#1. JP. I don't know....something about him....

Ballots are in girls......
I can't take it any longer..... on to Reality Steve!



Lacey said...

I haven't reality yet either but those were my top picks too. Not sure William is driven enough for her though. Guess time will tell....

Such a fun girls night!! :) Glad you made some great friends already- I knew you would!!

The Montgomerys said...

melissa, seriously... that was SO kind and generous of you to write- i totally cried. i am just as grateful for your friendship! LOVE that God has great friends in store for all seasons of life! looking forward to many more great nights out:) love you friend!

ps. what's up with reality steve? he's got nothing this season.

The Montgomerys said...

i just found the top 4...NO!!! clearly she didn't see our ballots.

Tami said...

I'm so trying to give up Reality Steve for this season! What a cute girls night/ballot idea!

rosogirls said...

so fun! such true words about Annie as well- she's such a gem! still deciding if should cave into reading steve :)-gwen

Emily Joy said...

I love it - sooooo much fun!