Sunday, May 1, 2011


Six years ago, you might have found these two....

getting ready for the biggest day of their life.
Six years ago I married my best friend.and then we went on our honeymoon to Jamaica.
and called our travel agent to come home early because it wasn't quite the paradise we had envisioned.

But now....we pretty much feel like we live in paradise. So we decided to take full advantage of our new hometown and enjoy our day.

A wonderful lady that Andy works with VOLUNTEERED to watch our children so that Andy and I could do just that. Can you believe that? Like she wanted to watch both kids FOR FUN while we went out and did pretty much whatever we wanted to BY OURSELVES.

So we started out by going to a crawfish boil thrown by a guy that Andy works with.

I have to admit, at first I wasn't too keen on the idea, but it was fun! We stopped by the store to grab some drinks before getting to the party. Andy was like, "ok, just wait in the car and I'll run in.....OH WAIT. Do you want to come in too? Because we have no kids to sit in the car and wait with!!!!" It's the small things people. We walked around Albertson's for a good ten minutes just taking in our new found freedom.

And then we got to the party.

They had an amazing yard and it was so fun, but after a little while we decided we needed to get on with the DAY-O-FUN.

So onward to Sprinkles. Because we can.

Then we drove up to Mt. Soledad and took in the view.

And then drove on up the coast


to have a drink by the pool before dinner.

Just the two of us. No kids. Thank you DONNA!!!!

We then found a sushi bar on Yelp that we had never been to and had a quiet, delicious dinner

For the grand finale, we saw, "Water for Elephants". In the movie theater.
I say that because it's common practice for me to see a preview for movie or in a magazine and just go ahead an put it in my Netflix queue because there would be no way to see it otherwise.

Let me just take a moment to talk to any Twilight fans.
I've never read the books.
But the whole Robert Pattinson thing......I get it.

I totally get it now.

But I just remembered that this is my anniversary post and I can't really end it like that.

Thank you to my best friend and partner, Andy, for taking me on the best adventure of marriage and life I could ask for. I'm so glad that I get to experience every day with you and am so thankful to God for finding the perfect match for me. I love you!!!!


The Manuel Family said...

How fun! Happy 6th anniversary to your guys! Your wedding just seems like yesterday!

Emily Joy said...

Love that you celebrated BIG! Happy 6th. And loved seeing your wedding pics :)

Katie said...

I'm so glad you get it. He's dreamy. Just lovely. Oh, and congrats on a day all to yourselves. Awesome.