Monday, May 2, 2011

It's Hot, but I'll take it.

I seriously want to know what the weather guy in San Diego gets paid.

I promise you, I'm going to put a clip of him on here sometime, because it just makes me laugh watching him every morning. It's the same.....all the time.

This morning he had his work cut out for him though. Because we are having a Santa Ana.....still haven't quite figured out what that means. But I do know that it meant for today, it was hot. San Diego hot, that is.

85. Sun. No humidity.
I'll take it. I was talking to my friend, Annie, this morning at playgroup and she told me that it will get a little bit warmer. Wouldn't be so bad, except.....YALL. We have no air conditioning.

We could very well be spending a lot of time here.

We were introduced to a GREAT park today thanks to our Monday playgroup.
It's got everything. Playground, grassy hills, enclosed sand area, and fountains. A kid and mama heaven.
Us mammas hung out under the shade of the trees while the kids went full blast for a good 2-3 hours.

Rolling down the hill..

and lots of time in the water.
My kids would be the ones without bathing suits.
Way to go mom.

Graham didn't seem to care.

We had an amazing time with our friends, which God has richly blessed us with here.
San Diego is starting to tighten it's grip on us.
I know there were many who warned me that would happen.


Lacey said...

Yep, I think I warned you. :) :) :) I love San Diego. That park looks awesome!!!!!! Enjoy the beautiful weather.

Brooke said...

Where is that great park? It looks awesome. Atley loves loves water.

This is Brooke Phelps.

Meggie said...

Melissa - This is so random, so please forgive me! I came across your blog when y'all were living in Houston still, I think through some other friends in the Woodlands area. My (Aggie) friend just moved out to San Diego, and I thought if nothing else she might be a great babysitter - I know she has a young nephew in Houston she is missing terribly. Shoot me an email (yes, I know I'm a stranger, but I swear, I am normal!) and maybe I can get y'all each other's info. (My blog is - so you can see I'm not psycho!)

The Montgomerys said...

yay!! stay!!

The Manuel Family said...

OK - I cannot believe how big Graham is!! Wow!