Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today we headed North about 45 minutes to San Juan Capistrano.
May look a little like a winery....

but it's very much a petting zoo.

With two areas for kids to pet and feed the animals.

That's it.

The website had been shall we say....
a little deceiving, but the kids had fun nonetheless.

I mean, doesn't it look like he's having a blast?

He's teething, so we'll cut him a break.

Ooh, but aren't these guys cute?

We went with good friends and the kids really did have so much fun.
Made it almost worth the drive.


Graham hung out with the bunnies....

and Addison rode the train with the big girls....

And Graham called it a day.


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Emily Joy said...

Agreed on the website!! We redeemed the petting zoo with the park/picnic, stroll through historic town, and ice cream cones. Sorry you missed out on part 2 of the outing :( Hope the rest of your day was good.