Saturday, May 21, 2011

So you think you can dance?

Yes, I am guilty of LOVING this show.
I used to kind of think I could dance.

I mean, in high school....this was me.

No, I'm not the cute cheerleader.
That would be me in the cougar outfit.
All-American Mascot at that people.

Addison just cringed from embarrassment.

But let's move forward to present day.
Or yesterday.

The gym I go to has been promoting this.

Workout class. dance class.
Burns up to 600 calories in an hour.
I'm in.

There was a wait list, but I managed to get on the second class to "launch". They take this stuff pretty seriously.

I showed up to class and everyone is waiting outside of the room before they let us in.
I take in the crowd. My fellow dancers, if you will.

There is maybe one person younger than me.
Everyone else is between 35 and 80.
And there is a 65 year old man.

Did I get the right place?

Oh, this will be so embarrassing for them, I am thinking....
I won't make them feel bad.
I'll give them nods and winks of encouragement as we go through it together.
I mean, good for them for putting themselves out there.

You guys.
I was totally shown up.
I have no rhythm.
I most definitely do not think I can dance.
There were mirrors and I had to watch myself throughout the entire 45 minutes of embarrassing torture.

The 65 year old man leaped higher than I did.
It was just too much to take.

And after watching Addison dance at the wedding a few weeks ago, I decided to sign her up for dance lessons.
Because, she obviously does not have genetics in her favor.

She was excited to wear the "pretty pink ballet dress"



yeah, she's totally going to show them up too.


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Amanda said...

I am literally cracking up right now. Only because I would've so been with you... Loved the winking and encouraging part. Hilarious!!! Girl, we need to get together soon. You are a riot! :)