Monday, May 9, 2011

Oklahoma Part 1

We just got back from another whirlwind trip, this time to Oklahoma.
As fun as it was to see family (for real, awesome)
and as fun as it was to be stuck on a plane for 6 hours straight with 2 kids, one in my lap (so. not. awesome.)
I am so glad to be home with no plans to travel anywhere for the immediate future.

The trip was outstanding though. We went to Ponca City (Andy's hometown), for his stepsister, Lisa's wedding. With all the siblings spread all over *tarnation now, it's not often we get to all see each other, so this was extra special.

*My vocabulary has adjusted slightly after our last few trips.
"Y'all" is being thrown around in full force again

We had a layover in Las Vegas on our way out to Tulsa.
This was my first trip to Vegas.
And I got to spend it in all it's glory sitting at the slot machines in the middle of the airport.

My daughter was equally excited.
True Story....
She ran off the plane yelling at the top of her lungs, "VEGAS BABY!!!"
and then proceeded to hop up on a chair and start pressing buttons on the closest slot machine.
Apparently 3 year olds are not welcome in airport casinos either.
Sorry kid....another 18 more years.

We spent the night at Lisa's house and caught up a bit before all crashing into bed at midnight.
My kids were champs.

Thursday we spent the day in Tulsa catching up with some of Andy's best friends.
But first we had to grab a bite to eat at this place in Utica Square.

Queenie can cook.
And Graham can eat.
That's about all I have to say on that.

Then we were off to Chance and Melissa's house to hang out with them as well as Hayden and her new little brother, Grayson.

These two are super cute, and I loved watching Hayden already play so much with her brother...reminded me of two other kiddos I know.

Group shot.
Both my kids are looking at the camera.
Someone right this on a calendar please.

Later that afternoon, we met up with Andy's college roommate, Paul.
He is a pretty lovable guy.
My kids are just about crazy over him.

Especially this one.

Friday, it was time to head to Ponca and see Papa, Grandma, and the rest of the crew.
One of the worst things about being so far away from Texas is that my kids don't get to see their cousins as much as they used to.
These kids love each other and we LOVE to watch.

Addison was totally head over heels for her Papa.
I just love how smitten she is in this picture.

She has started to strike a pose whenever her picture is taken.
Just wait until some the wedding pictures a few posts from now.
Drama. Diva. Darn cute.

My two little munchkins who had so much fun playing together on this whole trip.

They would seriously hold hands all the time in the car and cracked each other up making each other laugh.

Makes a mama's heart melt.

After some playtime at the grandparents it was on to the hotel to nap and get ready for the wedding rehearsal.

Which, by the way, I apparently have been living under a rock for the last several months.

Here is a sample of my phone conversation with my sister in law, Sarah, on Friday driving to Ponca.

Me: "Hey, I'm so excited about catching up tonight....yada, yada....., having some adult conversation while enjoying some drinks, and letting our new found babysitter hang out with the kids at the hotel!"
Sarah: "Me too, it's going to be great!"

Me: "Alright, so I know you are a reader in the wedding, so we'll catch you later after the rehearsal at the club."

Sarah: "You're not going to the rehearsal?"

Me: "Um, no....we weren't really planning on it..."

Sarah: "Don't you think Addison needs to practice?"

Me: "For what? Sitting still and quiet?

Sarah: "She's in the wedding!!"

Yeah. I'm the slacker mom who had no idea that my 3 year old was going to be a flower girl along with her cousins in a wedding the day before. Did I think they all just had matching dresses for fun? I really have no idea where my head has been.

So we got ready to go to the rehearsal....
in matching dresses.

But first we had to recreate a little scene from a famous movie.


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Emily Joy said...

Your blog has become one of my favorite sources of entertainment! Thanks for making me doing really awesome and entertaining things like not realizing your daughter was a flower girl. I LOVE it (and I very well could have done it myself!).