Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm A Flower Girl!

Warning: The following posts contains many, many photos...on the verge of an annoying amount...of adorable children.

You've been warned.

We came to Ponca City to celebrate Lisa & David's wedding.
See and love on family.
And have an excuse to dress our kids up in clothes that caused me to want to eat them up.

3 Flower girls on they way to the rehearsal.

Guess what're going to be a flower girl!

Iris, Addison, Eloise

These two don't have to try too hard to look cute.
Graham & Owen

But mom and dad have to work hard to keep two kiddos quiet and well behaved while in a beautiful church that echos every noise to the 10th degree.

Let the bribery begin...
My little punkin'

Other little punkin'....
sometimes also referred to as lil' pistol. In the most loving way possible, of course.

It was finally time for the girls to practice walking down the aisle.
Addison was YELLING...."Hey! I'm a FLOWER girl!"
C'mon girl, I mean we've been talking about this for months hours.
This shouldn't be news to you.
I loved getting to catch up with my sister-in-law, Sarah.
She is always a phone call away for such things as parenting advice, laughs, and my partner in all things planning. Love her.

Graham stayed in the back of the church while dad fed, entertained, and wondered if we would be able to get the babysitter any earlier than previously scheduled.

Bride & Groom!
It is my personal opinion that Lisa resembles another rather famous bride....
David, however, has much more hair than William.

On to the first party!
Sarah with David's parents

The babysitter was not scheduled until later (poor planning by me), so Graham enjoyed the party for a little while as well.
We just kept feeding him and he was good for a while.

Lisa and her brother Matt

Mark, Andy, Sarah

The next day we all hung out, recovered at Andy's parents' house until naptime.

Matt & Mindy

Uncle Mark entertained the little ones

The next few hours were a blur. Something about trying to convince 2 kids to take a nap, scrambling to get ready, trying to find Graham's pants for an hour (I was starting to consider the ramifications of a half tux and diaper) and heading to family pictures just in the nick of time.

We made it though!

Not all looking at the camera, but I'll take it.

One of my favorite pics.
Iris & Addison.
Look at Miss Sass with the hand on the hip action
The 3 flower girls

Cuteness. Blurry cuteness, but cuteness.

My three little loves.

Probably one of my favorite pictures of the last year.
These two are so tight.

And let's not forget the beautiful bride!

Lisa was absolutely stunning.

Lois looked beautiful as well.
I just loved her dress.

Sarah, Me, Crystal
I can't remember the last time all three of us were together.
It's been way too long.

Andy & Mark

Hey, hey! We actually got a picture of the two of us!

All the cousins...

Yeah, I'm going to eat them up.

This guy was pretty much over the festivities.
And the wedding hadn't even started.
As we headed to the church I made a desperate call to our babysitter, but she was too far away to get there before the wedding. (Another poor planning move by me)
So I decided to hang out in the back of the church with Graham.
I had to stay inside to make sure that Addison got down the aisle because Andy had to be seated up front ready to receive her and keep her in line for the service.
So I literally had a hand over Graham's mouth to stop the screaming while nudging Addison through the door and then I made a bee line for the cry room.
Throwing a cup around in the cry room for Graham to chase after will only hold his attention for about 4 minutes.
They hadn't even made it to the homily yet.
So I scrambled him outside of the church in the 98 degree heat (dude is in a tux) and begged to be let on the air conditioned bus that was to carry the bridal party to the reception.
After about 30 seconds, the driver requests that we get off because he had promised the bridal party their stuff would be safe on the bus.
Apparently with a screaming 1 1/2 year old, I also looked like a purse stealer.

We spent the next 30 minutes or so sweating buckets outside and entertaining ourselves walking up and down the steps to the church.

When the service, which I'm sure was beautiful but I didn't see a lick of, was over, I felt like I had run a mile in heels....because I had up an down stairs.

We went back to the hotel, dropped off Graham, changed into flip flops, (they were dressy, ok?)
and headed to the reception.

Addison and her cousins literally stayed on the dance floor for two hours straight.

Dancing with daddy....

I also realized that Addison apparently gets her dance moves from her father.....

It might be time for some dance classes....
She had an absolute blast though.

Recovery time before heading to the airport the next day and Papa and Grandma's.

Grandma Lois had organized a little belated egg hunt for the kiddos.....I mean, it's like she had nothing at all going on that weekend.....just her daughter's wedding.

And then we spent the rest of Mother's Day on a plane for 6 hours.
Not six hours of travel time like in an airport....but 6 hours on a plane.
We had a layover in Phoenix but since we weren't changing planes, they asked for us to stay in our seats.
Which Graham had no seat.
Can I tell you that I was actually glad when he had a blowout so I could convince they flight attendant that we needed off the plane for a diaper change?

By the fourth diaper change, Graham was wearing his sister's size 5t green shorts.

and chillin on the floor of the plane.

Bless Southwest Airlines for serving mom's free drinks on Mother's Day.
It was very much needed.



Honeyman 4 said...

Love it! Cracking me up as always. Great pics of you and Andy and LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE that wedding dress. STUNNING!

The Montgomerys said...

so many great photos! i think i am with you on my favorite being of addison and andy laughing. PRICELESS!

and i am all for flip flops to the wedding. heck, i changed into them for my wedding:)

The Manuel Family said...

LOVE the picture of Andy and Addison - beautiful!